Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Local Church Dashboard replace my church's website?

No. The Local Church Dashboard was not intended to replace a good local church website. The Dashboard holds only a limited amount of information about your church including worship and Sunday school times, street and mailing addresses, directions, phone, e-mail, web site address, upcoming events, etc. It is used by church administrators to submit forms to the district and annual conference.

How do I access the Local Church Dashboard?

From the homepage you enter your login information in the "church login" box on the right of the screen.


How can I get rid of people who died who still show up on my church's list of people?

Each person's record has a place to enter a death date. For people who held a leadership assignment until their death,  you can update them with a death date and give them an end date on the position.

For people who died previously, send their names in an e-mail to Traci Herndon at to have their local church leadership history removed and a death date assigned.

How can I get my church's login information for the Local Church Dashboard?

Church login information is only available to pastors and church adminiatrators/secretaries. Those persons may obtain their church's login information by e-mailing Traci Herndon at  or by contacting your district office Administrative Assistant.
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