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Embrace the Struggle-Living Life on Life's Terms by Zig Ziglar and Julie Ziglar Norman

For those of us who have read and watched and listened to Zig Ziglar over the years, his unique voice and eternal optimism has always been a source of encouragement. His strong Christian faith has been even more obvious in his last few books.

This may be his most personal book. Now getting advanced in years, he suffered a traumatic fall at home down some stairs leading to a head injury. He recovered but developed short-term memory loss. The wealth of information that was stored in his head over the years was still there but he could not always remember what he had said just a few minutes before. For someone so vocal and so personable, this was a great setback. However, he still felt like he could be used of God to inspire others. So he drafted his daughter to go with him on his speaking tours. Now he uses a question-and-answer format with his daughter to keep him on track and to avoid repetition. The rest of the family shares their struggles in dealing with this bright wonderful man who now has a traumatic head injury that has affected all of them. Now, after years of talking about having a positive outlook and attitude, he has the opportunity to demonstrate it as never before.

But that's not the only struggle we hear about. We learn about the tragic loss of his daughter to cancer. His other daughter struggled with alcoholism. We hear about couples who have struggled in their marriage. And now we hear that strong special voice of his struggle to get the words out that will motivate others.

Zig said "My personal struggle is health-related, but this book deals with not only struggles that physical limitations create but also financial, spiritual, family, and relationship struggles. This book is about living life on life's terms. It is about knowing what you can change and what you can't change and learning how to live your life with an enthusiastic expectation for what is yet to come. Where there is a struggle, there is life. For that we can be grateful!"

Even with his short-term memory loss, Zig, with the help of his daughter, can still deliver.

Billy Graham's 30th book Nearing Home will hit store shelves shortly before his 93rd birthday in November, 2011. The idea for the book came a few years ago when he realized, "I had been taught all of my life how to die, but no one had ever taught me how to grow old." Zig teaches us how to grow old as well as how to handle struggles at any age.

"When life becomes a struggle… embrace it!" 

Steve Furr, M.D.

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