For information regarding the Conference Board of Discipleship please contact Rev. Neil McDavid 

(“Q” and ¶630, 2012 Book of Discipline) 

Chairperson:  Barbara Sadler

Secretary:  Mel Barkley


Rev. Paula Roane (08), Division of Education (¶630.2)

Rev. Allen Newton (11), Division of Evangelism (¶630.3)

Rev. Geoffrey Lentz (11), Division of Worship (¶630.4)

Rev. Amy Persons, Division of Stewardship (¶630.5)

Patti Bodenhamer (12), Division of Spiritual Formation (¶630.6)

Katie Richburg (10), Mitzi Millsaps (10), Barbara Sadler (12), Mel Barkley (12)

Ex-Officio Members

Director of Connectional Ministries:  Rev. R. Neil McDavid

Director of Congregational Vitality:  Rev. Dan Pezet

Member, General Board of Discipleship:  Rev. Robin Wilson

Member, GBOD Division on Ministries with Young People/Young Adults: Rev. David Goolsby


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