Church & Society

The Board of Church & Society challenges United Methodists to work in areas of important social concern and develops resources to inform, motivate, and train United Methodists on issues of social justice in the society.

For more information about the Conference Board of Church and Society, please contact Rev. Nathan Attwood 

(“Q” and ¶629, 2012 Book of Discipline) 

Chairperson:  Rev. Nathan Attwood

Vice Chairperson:  Khristen Carlson


Harry Hodges (11), Division of Substance Abuse

Charlotte Hobson (10), Division of Social Justice

Barbara Webber (12), Division of Restorative Justice

Cheryl Mothershed (12), Division of Human Welfare

Sonny Dawsey (11), Division of Hunger Concerns

Brenda Boman (09), Division of Economic Justice

Jerry Maygarden (11), Division of Environmental Justice

Rev. Nathan Atwood (13), Khristen Carlson (13)

Ex-Officio Members

Director of Mission and Advocacy:  Susan Hunt

Member, General Board of Church and Society:  Pat Luna

UMW Representative:  Zan Jones


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