The Board of Advocacy oversees the ministries related to the divisions of the Status and Role of Women (COSROW), Disability Concerns, Religion and Race, Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns, Strengthening of the Black Church, Hispanic ministries, Native American Ministries, and Asian Ministries. The board’s core mission is to work alongside, and to assist with resources and programs for churches as they minister with and to ethnic constituencies, and keeps the vision of ethnic local concerns before the annual conference.  (See ¶632, The 2012 Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church)  The Board of Advocacy is committed in doing its part, to help build up the kingdom.

For further information about the Board of Advocacy, please contact Susan Hunt



(“Q” and ¶632, 2012 Book of Discipline) 

Chairperson:  Rev. Dunford Cole

Ruth Ann Powers (09), Division of Status and Role of Women (¶644)
Charlotte Van Erman (12), Division of Disability Concerns (¶653)
Nexton Marshall (10) Division of Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns (¶642)
Rev. Robert Spicer (10), Division of Strengthening the Black Church (¶632)
Rev. German Gomez (12), Division of Hispanic-Latino Ministries (¶632)
Rev. Dunford Cole (09), Division of Native American Ministries (¶654)
Rev. Sung-Kuk Hong (12), Division of Asian Ministries (¶632)
Division of Religion and Race (¶643) - vacant
Rev. Charles Fail (10)   

Ex-Officio Members
Coordinator, Hispanic-Latino Ministries:  Martha Rovira
Director of Mission and Advocacy:  Susan Hunt
Director of Evangelism and Stewardship:  Rev. Frederick Outlaw

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