Conference CORE Team

The Alabama – West Florida Conference “Connecting Our Resources and Empowerment” (CORE) Team is a common table, where chairpersons and leaders from all the Boards and Councils come together to evaluate and continually revise and refine our ministry as an annual conference.

Guided by our Conference “MVP” statement, this flexible and responsive team can allocate resources, discover new persons for service and constantly hold one another accountable to the vision.

This team is the core of the annual conference structure, providing a connecting link among all the leadership teams, boards, and councils in our work.

In addition, the CORE team provides a comprehensive program of nurture, outreach, and witness, along with leadership training, and the planning and administration of the conference’s organizational and temporal life, in accordance with the mission of the United Methodist Church.

2014 Meeting Dates:

  • Tuesday, December 2, 9:30 am gathering; 10 am business, Montgomery First

CORE Team Resources

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Click Here! Plan of Organization - Adopted June 2002

The Conference Lay Leader, Co-Chairperson:  Dr. Steve Furr
The Director of Connectional Ministries, Co-Chairperson:  Rev. R. Neil McDavid
Cabinet Representative:  Rev. Jeremy Pridgeon
President UMW:  Betty Helms
President UMM:  Frank Moore
UMY Representative:   TBD
Chairperson, Board of Pension and Health Benefits:  Rev. Robert C. McKibben
President, Council on Finance and Administration:  Beebe Frederick
Chairperson, Board of Ordained Ministry:  Rev. Libba Stinson
Chairperson, Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministries:  Rev. Rob Couch
Chairperson, Board of Discipleship:  Barbara Sadler
Chairperson, Board of Global Ministries:  Rev. Nancy Hart
Chairperson, Board of Church and Society:  Rev. Nathan Attwood
Chairperson, Board of Congregational Development:  June Thomason
Chairperson, Town and Country Commission:  Rev. John Weaver
Chairperson, Board of Advocacy and Ethnic Ministries:  Rev. Dunford Cole
President, Conference Board of Trustees:  Rev. Debora Bishop
Chairperson, Commission on Equitable Compensation:  Rev. Matt Mobley
Chairperson, Conference Policies and Personnel Committee: Rev. Brennan Peacock
At-Large Members:James Wilcox (08), Rev. Bob Sweet (08), Rev. Jim DuFriend (08), Pat Caylor (08), Helen Edwards (08), Beverly Maddox (12), Dr. Shirley Woodie (12)
Ex-Officio Members (Voice, No Vote):
The Resident Bishop:  Bishop Paul L. Leeland
The Conference Secretary:  Rev. Neil Epler
The Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services:  Frank S.  Dunnewind
The Director of Communications:  Mary Catherine Phillips
The Director of Mission and Advocacy:  Susan Hunt
The Director of Blue Lake:  TBD
The Director of Congregational Vitality:  Rev. Dan Pezet
The Coordinator of Hispanic-Latino Ministries:  Martha Rovira
The Director of Ministerial Services and Assistant to Resident Bishop:  Rev. June Jernigan


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