The Media Resource Center

The Alabama - West Florida Conference Media Resource Center is a resource that can assist you and your church in fulfilling your objectives for education and ministry for your program needs. The purpose of the Media Resource Center is to make conference-owned media resources available to the United Methodist churches within the Conference area. The Media Resource Center is part of the Alabama-West Florida Conference Resource Center, located in Montgomery, Alabama. Contact us! .

The Media Resource Center provides books, DVDs and CDs covering many topics.  Available topics include: Bible studies, Wesley materials, missions' studies, children, youth and family resources.

Guidelines for the Conference Media Resource Center

There is NO annual fee or membership!
The fees to rent resources are as follows:

  • 1 DVD or CD is $5.00
  • A series is $20.00

Resources may be checked out for a maximum period of six weeks, unless the series requires a longer period to view (i.e. a 10-week Bible Study).

The Conference Resource Center will pay the postage to ship the videos to the church.

The Church will be responsible for the return shipping costs and associated costs and/or any damages.

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