Frequently Asked Questions

Can I publish the entire worship service, including music performed, online as an archive?

You can perform the work live in your worship service, but you need permission (usually in the form of a license) to publish that performance online.

What is RSS?

Visit this website link for a description of RSS feeds for non-technical people.

What about retired clergy serving an local church appointment? How is their direct bill structured?

For single charges, the billing will be $145 if the pastor is over age 65 and on our MEDSUP plan. The pastor will continue to pay $35 per month.

If the pastor is under age 65 and on our active plan the church will be billed $650 per month until the age of 65 is reached and the clergy person moves to our  MEDSUP plan.

There is no pension billing for a retired clergy person.

What color is the red in Cross and Flame United Methodist logo?

If you are printing the red professionally, use PMS Warm Red.

If you are painting the cross and flame, use a bright red paint for the flame.

For more information, visit the United Methodist Church website,, or the General Council on Finance and Administration website,

How can I get rid of people who died who still show up on my church's list of people?

Each person's record has a place to enter a death date. For people who held a leadership assignment until their death,  you can update them with a death date and give them an end date on the position.

For people who died previously, send their names in an e-mail to Traci Herndon at to have their local church leadership history removed and a death date assigned.

What is the local church dashboard?

The Local Church Dashboard is a password protected area of the conference website where local church pastors, staff or volunteers can log in and update the church's contact information, service and Sunday school times, e-mail and web address as well as the church's leaders and their contact information.

How can I get my church's login information for the Local Church Dashboard?

Church login information is only available to pastors and church adminiatrators/secretaries. Those persons may obtain their church's login information by e-mailing Traci Herndon at  or by contacting your district office Administrative Assistant.

Does the Local Church Dashboard replace my church's website?

No. The Local Church Dashboard was not intended to replace a good local church website. The Dashboard holds only a limited amount of information about your church including worship and Sunday school times, street and mailing addresses, directions, phone, e-mail, web site address, upcoming events, etc. It is used by church administrators to submit forms to the district and annual conference.

If I lose the password for my church's website at the General Board of Global Ministries, can I get it back?

Yes. Get more information about getting your General Board of Global Ministries password HERE.

How do I access the Local Church Dashboard?

From the homepage you enter your login information in the "church login" box on the right of the screen.


DONATIONS - On the first Sunday in January, our church received several checks in the offering plate that were dated December 31 and designated "2006 pledge." Should these be reflected on the member's giving statement for 2006?

No.  The income tax regulations state that a contribution is made at the time of delivery.  The only exception is if the contribution is mailed and the postmark date is prior to January 1.  You can still count it toward their 2005 pledge, but not as a charitable contribution received in the year 2005.

Where can our church find software?

Below are links to just a few church management software solutions:

ACS Technologies
Everlasting Business Solutions
Shelby Systems
Shepherd's Staff
The Software Library (Church Management Solutions) 
Sage Software Nonprofit Solutions
Church Windows
Christian Computing Magazine

When is the AWF 2013 Annual Conference?

June 2 - 5, 2013 at Christ United Methodist Church, Mobile, AL

How do I conduct a background check for a ministry volunteer/staff person?

Each church needs to be registered with Trak-1 to do background checks within their congregation.  To get registered, go to United Methodist Insurance. When you get there, go to the RESOURCES tab.  Drop down the menu and click on Background Screening - A Loss Prevention Tool.  Now click on the TRAK 1 logo to be routed to the log in/new user page.

New user?  Click on GET STARTED.  Returning customer?  Sign in.

If you need assistance, please contact Frank Dunnewind 1.888.873.3127.

What is the cost for background checks?

$9.00 for a basic Broadscreen background check and $14.50 for a Broadscreen with motor vehicle registration check. 

How many clergy and churches are in the AWF Conference? What is the Conference's current membership?

These statistics may be found here

Where can I get information about the United Methodist Church?

Call Infoserv, the United Methodist question and answer line. The toll-free number is 800-251-8140, or visit the United Methodist Church's website

InfoServe can be found by clicking on the link "Got Questions?"

How can I submit information for the conference web site?

Guidelines for submitting information for

  • All new material for the web site should be submitted in an electronic format. We can accept information in the following document formats: Microsoft Word, PDF, or e-mail text. We cannot accept files in WordPerfect; but the content of WordPerfect files may be copied and pasted into the body of an e-mail message for submission.
  • Photos may still be submitted as prints but are preferred as high-resolution .jpg or .gif files. Prints or disks should be mailed to Mary Catherine Phillips, 100 Interstate Park Drive, Suite 120, Montgomery, AL 36109.
  • Files may be submitted via e-mail to or on a disk mailed to Mary Catherine Phillips, 100 Interstate Park Drive, Suite 120, Montgomery, AL 36109.
  • All new material for the web site must be submitted through the Director of Communications. 

Question about other UM websites such as,

For links to other United Methodist web sites, visit our "Links" page. Links are listed by categories in a drop-down menu.


Question about church phone numbers, addresses, etc.

Information about Alabama-West Florida Conference churches can be found by using the "Search" box or by using the "Church Locator."
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